Conference Quest

What can Conference Quest do?

​We provide many services at no cost to your association.  Just being a member of the family brings privileges.

Finally a conference planning company who treats its clients like family.

Does your organization feel lost when your members are doing conference or event planning?  Is your organization losing money on its conferences?  Maybe you currently have a meeting planner who seems to work more for a hotel property and not for you?  Or maybe you feel more like a number than a valuable customer.  Then maybe it is time to consider a new quest for a dedicated conference planning company that truly works for your organization and proves proper conference or event management.  That search could end with Conference Quest.

Since its inception in 2011, Conference Quest operated under a very simple philosophy of complete dedication to our clients.  That is why at Conference Quest there is no binding contract for our services.  It is our belief that our dedication and proven results will keep our clients coming back to us for all their conference needs.

All Matters of Conference Planning


How do I get started?

​Your journey with Conference Quest is just a click away.  Let us show you what you are missing.

Why choose Conference Quest?

Because Conference Quest works for you and your association.

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